Sunday, February 19, 2012


Irish tables that were more art than anything- beautiful examples of analog. The Skeleton was made of glass, and the Hydraulic Reference gained its fame in the movie A Clockwork Orange. I had the Skeleton years ago and made the mistake of selling it cheap when I needed $$$. Kept the Vestigal tonearm, probably the worst part. You need a ridiculously high compliance cartridge for this, very few would work! I used an original ADC Pritchard XLM (american made before the company was sold to BSR).Years later, another Skeleton appeared on Ebay with no arm and  the caveat  "you will probably never find a tonearm for this". 

    Wanna bet? Sits proudly in my collection today, with an XLM (aftermarket stylus). Looks cool, never play it, some things are better left seen and not heard.

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  1. do you still have the tome arm? will you sell it? I'm one of those people with a Skeleton and no tone arm